Winterizing Your Lawn: The Key to Greener Grass
When winter arrives, most homeowners forget about their lawns. After all, if it’s covered in snow, how can you take care of it? In fact, there are several ways to prepare your lawn for the winter, including fertilizing, aerating, spreading cool-weather seed, raking, and watering. These simple activities can help you make the most of … Continue reading "Winterizing Your Lawn: The Key to Greener Grass"
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Preparing Your Yard for Memorial Day
Memorial Day is right around the corner, making it the perfect time to prepare your backyard for a celebration. Whether you are planning a massive barbecue or a small get-together, you won’t believe what a few things can do to spruce up your yard. First, always mow and trim your lawn. Here at Elchert’s, we can … Continue reading "Preparing Your Yard for Memorial Day"
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Getting Ready for Spring: A Lawn Care Checklist
Spring is here, which means it is the perfect time to get to work on your lawn. From cultivating your grass to weeding and mulching, we’ve put together a lawn care checklist to help you get ready for the warm weather. A manicured lawn not only looks nice, but it can even increase the value … Continue reading "Getting Ready for Spring: A Lawn Care Checklist"
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The Benefits of Snow Removal: Preparing for the Winter Season
After the first snow of the season, most people are ready for winter to end. Snow and ice can become serious hazards this time of year, especially in your driveway or parking lot. Whether you hate slush or simply want to make your business or home safer, there are several benefits to snow removal. One … Continue reading "The Benefits of Snow Removal: Preparing for the Winter Season"
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