Elchert’s Lawn Mowing/Snow Removal Ltd. operates as a limited liability company in Tiffin, Ohio.  Michael Elchert, President and Owner, founded the business in 1984 while also operating a drywall business at the time. Elchert’s slowly grew by word-of-mouth over the years, gaining major commercial lots and multiple residential accounts. By 2004, Mike quit the drywall business completely to focus on Elchert’s Lawn Mowing and Snow Removal. It was also at this time that the business was relocated near Republic, Ohio, with new shops and equipment. 

Meet Our Team

Mike Elchert - President



Molly Pauley



Niki Elchert



One of the most important resources at Elchert’s is our extensive array of equipment, such as mowers, tractors, and plows. A wide range of equipment makes it easy to be efficient and precise when mowing and plowing, and years of knowledge and experience keep Elchert’s ahead of the competition. At Elchert’s we know all of the ins-and-outs of the business, including proper lawn maintenance and snow removal methods. Reliable drivers are detailed and exact, ensuring the best quality in the area. Elchert’s also monitors the weather and road conditions around the clock, and we provide services 24/7. In a weather emergency, you can always count on Elchert’s.


When it comes to lawn mowing and snow removal, one of the most important elements is our commitment to good service. Elchert’s has a sustainable competitive advantage thanks its unparalleled quality, as well as the extensive knowledge of the staff. Contact us today for all your lawn mowing and snow removal needs.


Elchert's Lawn Mowing/Snow Removal LTD

5770 E. Townshipp Rd. 122

Republic, OH 44867

(419) 447-3680


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